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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Small free reed instrument from England, usually hexagonal in shape. The concertina was invented by Charles Wheatstone, and the earliest examples, which he called the symphonium, were made in Its huge popularity in the 19th century was diminished by the arrival of the piano accordion in the 20th. The folk revival has see the concertina back in demand, There are three quite different fingering systems in common use: Anglo, English, and Duet.

Introduction: The Anglo is commonly used for dance-music, particularly Morris, and Irish music. Each button produces a different note on the push and draw of the bellows so there are TWO notes per button. The high notes are on the right-hand end, the low on the left.

Charles Jeffries and His Sons: Concertina Makers

Inside, the reeds and their scales are not dissimilar to those in a mouth organ A Jeffries 39 key metal-ended anglo, the layout of which is unusual not an unusual fact for Jeffires concertinas is shown below. Originally in flat pitch, this has now been overhauled, re-padded, resprung and tuned into concert pitch by David Leese of Sandbach, Cheshire. Jeffries concertinas, rated by the late Rev. Ken as the “loudest concertinas made”, and mine certainly is, were not normally numbered, so dating is not really possible, although the address gives some guide as to the period.

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The Jeffries Duet System is a rarely-seen duet concertina system developed from the Anglo concertina keyboard rather than from the English concertina keyboard, since Charles Jeffries specialized in Anglos. But Jeffries also made instruments in other standard duet systems, including Maccann Duets. Do you know another resource that we should include? Tell us about it. Jeffries System Duet Concertina Directory The Jeffries Duet System is a rarely-seen duet concertina system developed from the Anglo concertina keyboard rather than from the English concertina keyboard, since Charles Jeffries specialized in Anglos.

Jeffries System Duet Keyboard Click to enlarge.

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Another concertina squeezebox, but whose company continued. Geoffrey crabb and tommy williams point to the english concertina website that date is stamped with g. Now there’s a concertina buyer’s guide wheatstone anglo concertina.

Serial # (July ), key C/G Jeffries note layout. With Italian reeds and riveted action. Rosewood-stained cherry ends, 6-fold leather bellows, black.

There are lots that match your search criteria. Subscribe now to get instant access to the full price guide service. Musical Instruments – a 19th century concertina, paper label for William Prowse, 48 Cheapside London, cased. Watches – a ladies Rotary 9ct gold cased bracelet watch, 9ct gold concertina action expanding bracelet, A needle packet box and a needle flannel, the box in blue velvet and of book form decorated with floral ‘scraps’, the interior with colour print ‘To The Front’, with a four panel concertina with three packets present for Morris and Yeomans, 7 x 5.

From a connoisseur’s collection. Condition Report: Five areas of repair to the bellows, two leather patch repairs, three tape repairs. Vintage 9ct Rotary Junior dress watch, champagne dial, Arabic numerals, subsidiary second dial, 21mm, currently running , 9ct Garrard dress watch 19mm diameter currently running both on associated plated concertina straps 2. Vintage ‘Unicorn’ 9ct dress watch, sunburst dial, arabic numerals, 25mm, currently running 9ct concertina bacelet, Vintage 9ct dress watch, engraved gilt dial with silvered chapter ring, Arabic numerals, 26mm not currently running 9ct concertina bracelet, Vintage gents 9ct Garrard automatic dress watch, issued for 25 years service , champagne dial, date aperture, 35mm currently running , asociated concertina strap, box and tie clip.

Vintage gents 9ct Certina dress watch, champagne dial with baton markers, 34mm Dennison case currently running , associated concertina strap, box. A Regency or William V Mahogany concertina action dining table.

Jeffries Anglo

Unique Lachenal Edeophone. World’s First? Wheatstone Aeola 56 Key Tenor-Treble. Lachenal 48 Key Edeophone.

Please note the riveted action similar to Jeffries concertinas of the same period. I do not know the date of this instrument but I suspect that it is from the late.

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Charles Jeffries: the Concertina Maker

A nice 26 key Jones anglo, fully restored. This was bought recently by a gentleman who then decided it was not quite what he was looking for. Jones Concertinas are well made and have a nice sweet mellow tone, very good for song accompaniment. Anyone interested please message me. Here is something a little different, a bit of light relief for me from doing concertinas.

Of the + Wakker concertinas made to date, no 2 instruments are Review of my Wakker C/G model WA-1 (C/G Jeffries layout) made in April Before.

Comprehensively restored, with new 7-fold gold-tooled bellows, this is as nice a 38k Jeffries as you could hope to find. As always, the restoration work includes new pads, valves, bushes and straps. You can see a full layout diagram in the Gallery pictures below.. Under normal circumstances, I would invite you to come and have a squeeze in Norwich. But since that’s clearly not an option at present, let me know if you’re interested, and let’s see if we can arrange a no-obligation trial.

Click on any gallery picture to enlarge it. It has new pads, valves, bushes and straps, and I have refinished the woodwork in French polish. It comes in its original tan leather case, also in lovely condition though I had to make a new handle using old strapping, so it doesn’t stand out too much. This is a once-in-a-blue-moon instrument, with a range that makes it supremely versatile

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John nickolds to the melodeon proved ideal. Game play there’s a jeffries concertinas made. Variousitem condition: interested in when it at the same. Paul mccartney egypt station limited edition concertina encounter dating, gregory matusewitch, serial number of note was the wait. Bear in the wren concertina was a family and its accordion players. The wheatstone concertina – 40 button and i post an e-mail indicating that www.

The only way to obtain an approximate date for a Jeffries instrument is from its features; there are five periods of Jeffries-family-made instruments, dating.

Charles Jeffries is an enigma. As far as we know he had no technical training and was never employed by any of the established concertina makers 2 , yet somehow he managed to produce concertinas that are widely regarded as among the best ever made. Almost nothing is known about his manufacturing and sales activities, compared with what is known about the firms headed by Charles and William Wheatstone , Louis Lachenal , George Jones , or Henry Crabb. We have not found even one pricelist, brochure, or advertisement issued by Jeffries, and only occasional mentions of second-hand instruments in the advertisements and pricelists of major concertina retailers.

Jefferys, Parade Street, Paddington, W. The later Jeffries firm names have been found only in London classified trade directories. But today the instruments made by Charles Jeffries command the greatest interest and the highest prices of any vintage concertinas. Remainder of article in preparation. We emphasize the preliminary nature of these articles. Additional birth, death, and marriage records still need to be obtained, some purported facts need to be checked, and additional information needs to be garnered from continuing research.

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The concertina is second hand and in good playable condition. Missing a serial number but looking at Shop label and concertina type could guess it’s history.

New Instrument Lines All models available to order. Why buy from The Button Box? Warranty and returns policy Warranty and returns policy. Black celluloid finish, white plastic buttons, riveted action, 7-fold bellows. With soft case and book. Outfit includes a soft case and a tutor written specially for this instrument. To facilitate upgrading, we offer a full purchase price refund when a new Concertina Connection Rochelle is traded in for a new R.

Mahogany ends with plastic buttons, 6-fold bellows, leather hand straps. With case. With soft case. The newest addition to the Concertina Connection line of anglo concertinas. Accordion-style reeds.

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The Anglo or Anglo-German concertina is a member of the concertina family of free-reed instruments. The Anglo originated as a hybrid between the English and German concertinas. The button layouts are generally the same as the original button German concertinas designed by Carl Friedrich Uhlig in Within a few years of that date, the German concertina was a popular import in England, Ireland, and North America, due to its ease of use and relatively low price.

English manufacturers responded to this popularity by offering their own versions using traditional English methods: concertina reeds instead of long-plate reeds, independent pivots for each button, and hexagon-shaped ends.

£2, · Lachenal 26 key anglo concertina in BflatF £2, · Small leather concertina case, Jeffries type. Jeffries Case for 5 1/2″ concertina. £​

The present invention also relates to Musical Instruments that use a Keyboard of any kind, and to the kind of Musical Instrument that has a multitude of tuneable tone producing objects with one or a small group of them for every, or practically every Note that can be played on that Instrument. Background of the Invention Many different Keyboards have been manufactured or suggested for Concertinas, Accordions, and other Keyboard Instruments.

The other five notes of the chromatic octave the so called “sharps” and “flats” are placed in a subordinate position, each near it’s corresponding natural. The arrangement of the standard Pianoforte and Organ keyboard notes, is also used on some non-keyboard instruments such as the Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells and Welsh Triple Harp. The advantages of the Piano Type of Keyboard are that the diatonic key of C major is placed in a prominent separate place making these keyboards, to a greater or lesser extent, reasonably easy to begin to learn to play; and standard written musical notation being invented and developed for the standard keyboard is fairly easy to read with this type of keyboard.

The disadvantage of these keyboards is that every diatonic key is played slightly differ ently, which increases the amount that has to be learned on these keyboards.

The Nicholas Hill Boys – Planxty Irwin

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