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For many expatriate men wishing to marrying a Muslim Indonesian woman, they will find that she, her family, or their religious leaders will insist that the expat fiance convert to Islam before the marriage. In a recent series of postings on the Expat Forum , the following bits of advice were shared by those “in the know”:. For more information on various legalities involving Interfaith Couples, please see the Mixed Marriages article. If you have sufficient money I’ve heard of emergency conversions done in a matter of days, not months. The process of converting is simple. Schedule an appointment with the Imam of a mosque. You will need a couple passport-size photos of yourself as well as two tax stamps Rp 6, meterai , and some other documents. They’ll give you a list. Go there, preferably dressed in Muslim garb, with a Koran if you have one. You will need to recite two things which the Imam can help you with.

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Information regarding conversion to the Islamic faith for expatriate men marrying or in a relationship with Indonesian women.

The history of arrival and spread of Islam in Indonesia is unclear. One theory states it arrived directly from Arabia before the 9th century, while another credits Sufi merchants and preachers for bringing Islam to Indonesian islands in the 12th or 13th century either from Gujarat in India or directly from the Middle East. Initially, the spread of Islam was slow and gradual.

Some rulers were Islamized Muslims, others followed the old Hindu and Buddhist traditions. By the reign of Sultan Agung of Mataram , most of the older Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms of Indonesia, had at least nominally converted to Islam. The last one to do so was Makassar in After the fall of Majapahit empire, Bali became the refuge for the Hindu upper class, Brahmins and their followers that fled from Java, thus transferring the Hindu culture of Java to Bali. Their traditions also continued in East and Central Java where they earlier held a sway.

Animism was also practiced in remote areas of other islands of Indonesia. The spread of Islam was initially driven by increasing trade links outside of the archipelago. Traders and the royalty of major kingdoms were usually the first to convert to Islam. By the end of the 13th century, Islam had been established in North Sumatra; by the 14th in northeast Malaya , Brunei , the southern Philippines and among some courtiers of East Java ; and the 15th in Malacca and other areas of the Malay Peninsula.

Although it is known that the spread of Islam began in the west of the archipelago, the fragmentary evidence does not suggest a rolling wave of conversion through adjacent areas; rather, it suggests the process was complicated and slow. Despite being one of the most significant developments in Indonesian history , historical evidence is fragmentary and generally uninformative such that understandings of the coming of Islam to Indonesia are limited; there is considerable debate amongst scholars about what conclusions can be drawn about the conversion of Indonesian peoples.

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Good try you first essay on this subject There are some observations: 1. In the relations between young people, including high school or college students, or ordinary people students are characterized by a personal nature and are often all then the relationship of privacy, regardless of whether they convert to Islam or Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism or any other religion because that’s human nature for man and that is reflected in his behavior and his actions there is what is declared and what is hidden.

On the issue of acquaintance with the Tunisian youth in particular, or young Muslims generally exist in the Islamic religion but only the presence of their parents, as is the case in American society when a young girl who loves her definition to his family. Most Muslims with whom I interacted during my time in Indonesia had no problems with the idea of “dating” as it existed in s America.

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He liked one of her posts, and they started chatting. Within hours he had proposed via an Instagram message. They married soon after, in February Its champions encourage single Muslims to renounce dating, lest they succumb to the temptations of premarital sex, which is barred by Islamic law.

The Dating App for Would-Be Polygamists: Controversial Even in Muslim Indonesia. IT’S COMPLICATED.

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JAKARTA – In Indonesia, interfaith marriage is legal but culturally discouraged and some religious figures have made it their mission to help couples of different religious backgrounds get married despite societal obstacles. But what if neither wants to switch faiths? Some have solved this problem by getting married in Singapore or Australia, where different religious backgrounds are a non-issue.

Download Citation | Contextualizing jihad and mainstream Muslim identity in Indonesia: the case of Republika Online | Jihad in the history of Islam has.

Make arab you read my profile. Scammers are not allowed! Alhamdulillah i was born in islamic family from Indonesia. I try to work hard and never give up when there are set backs, I thank Allah for giving me this determination and I hope He make it arab for us to attain Jannah as well as our goals in Dunya. I believe a marriage should drive people to seek nearness to Allah. It should also be a union that brings out the best in couples in muslim times and hard.

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But thanks to Saudi money and influence, it has taken a sharply conservative turn. By Krithika Varagur. H alf a million people, all dressed in white, radiated from the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in central Jakarta. Protesters clogged the streets for a mile in every direction; they went all the way up to the National Monument and beyond it to the presidential palace.

It was 4 November , and they had come on buses, planes and on foot, from all across Java and even from some other islands, to participate in the largest Islamist demonstration in Indonesian history. Officially, it is a multifaith country that protects six religions equally, where race and ethnicity have been tacitly elided from political discourse.

An overtly Islamist political protest like this had no precedent. But in practice, this was less about Ahok and more about displaying the piety and political power of Muslim Indonesians — and it worked. The city shut down all its major arteries that day. At the second protest, on 2 December, the president of Indonesia himself showed up, unannounced, and prayed with them. The following April, Ahok lost his bid for re-election as the governor of Jakarta; a month later, at the end of a show trial, he was sentenced to two years in jail for blasphemy.

The 4 November rally turned out to be a turning point for political Islam in Indonesia.

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