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I started out using some info from Bob Schwartz, retired EE. I give him credit for his article which I have edited and modified from computer equipment specific to guitar effect specific. What to do if something wet spills on your pedal or it falls into wet whatever? The following is not guaranteed but represents years of experience. Quick, unplug it! Unless there is a likely shock hazard. There are generally two items to have handy. One is distilled water to first wash off and dilute any non-pure water spill, especially any liquid that might be conductive. You can often find stronger rubbing alcohol in some stores, that’s what we use at Analog Man for much pedal cleaning, inside and out.

Neuropsychological Investigation of “The Amazing Memory Man”

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The early chassis were very gray in voltage and stand out easily among other MMs, but these were only in use for a short time before the now standard brushed metal streets were used. Delay time for these early streets could be set from 5ms to ms. When you’ve got a good thing going, improve it! Presenting the 4 knob Deluxe Memory Man! EH claimed a delay voltage of 15ms to ms. Not content to rest on their laurels, EH eventually upgraded the Memory Man to include a voltage feature.

The chorus in these models is actually quite good. Well, it wasn’t too long before another change was made. EH claimed that the power of special circuitry created a full, spacious sound as well as lowering the clone level. This is probably one of the most common models seen today. This model had 5 knobs, 4 of which were the same as the earlier Deluxe model. This was truly the ultimate Memory Man and was also the original priced of the Memory man dating how as well as voltage.

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The Deluxe Memory Man also includes built-in chorusing and vibrato effects. The digital Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai (distinct from the Analog Deluxe.

Electro-Harmonix is a New York -based company that makes high-end electronic audio processors and sells rebranded vacuum tubes. The company was founded by Mike Matthews in It is best known for a series of popular guitar effects pedals introduced in the s and s. Unknown to most people, EH also made a line of guitars in the 70’s.

During the mids Electro-Harmonix established itself as a pioneer and leading manufacturer of guitar effects pedals. Fuzzboxes were in demand following a trail of hits involving their sound, including ” I Can’t Get No Satisfaction ” by The Rolling Stones two years before the pedal’s stomp switch can be clearly heard at before Richards plays the song’s trademark riff , and recent popularization of Jimi Hendrix.

The latter connection resulted in the pedals being branded the ‘Foxey Lady’. In addition several low priced models of acoustic guitars were sold. Following the departure of his partner, Matthews was introduced to inventor and electric engineer Robert Myer through IBM colleagues. Together they designed a circuit to create a distortion-free sustain. A simple line booster used by Myers in testing to preamplify the guitar’s signal was also manufactured from as the Linear Power Booster LPB-1 , and has continued production in present day.

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I recently reclaimed a Deluxe Memory Man that I had about 10 years ago. pots they didn’t apply to the dating codes I found on another forum.

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Subject MM was interviewed about his personal life and administered standard clinical tests of cognition and personality, as well as experimental tasks assessing personal and generic episodic and semantic memory.

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For some reason the TSs seem to sound different as you switch them on, instead of coming right on like a TS-9 or they have a slight woof. Also if all 3 knobs are up all the way, a TS modded to specs will emit a short squealing sound. The TS jacks and pots are cheap non-standard parts, and tend to fail much more often than the TS So a TS10 is a disposable pedal, best for a collector or a home pedalboard.

So the option is yours, a modified TS will sound great and be much cheaper if you already have one but you might sleep better knowing you have the ultimate if you have a TS-9 modified. Electronic Voltages in other countries Often people ask if certain effects will work in their countries. Most effects we sell work on batteries or AC adaptors so there is no problem.

Australia E-H talking pedal I just earlier this evening found out that what I thought was a talking pedal was actually called a Golden Throat. What does a talking pedal do, and how does it work?

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This time we’ll take a look at what was probably the most successful solid-state delay created: the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man series. EH debuted their legendary line in about This IC receives a signal and passes it along in stages to the IC’s output pin. BBDs were and still are available with anywher from 68 to stages. The more stages, the more delay available. A tradeoff was that as more delay was used, distortion in the delayed signal increased.

Designed by Irwin Kornfeld, this no-frills model was as simple as could be. The early chassis were very gray in color and stand out easily among other MMs, but these were only in use for a short time before the now standard brushed metal chassis were used. Delay time for these early models could be set from 5ms to ms. When you’ve got a good thing going, improve it!

Presenting the 4 knob Deluxe Memory Man! EH claimed a delay range of 15ms to ms.

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The original Memory Man was an early bucket brigade delay BBD effect pedal that allowed musicians to create long echo effects without using tape. Release dates for the Memory Man and its competition seem to be impossible to track down today, so whether or not the Memory Man really was the first of its kind cannot be verified. The early pedals used Reticon SAD chips. This group may have begun in , and may have been discontinued in From , Panasonic MN chips were used. The vintage units include several revisions of 3 knob, 4 knob, and 5 knob models.


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Rare blue/red 4 knob Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, dating from around /8. It’s in the best condition we’ve ever seen for such an early one; there.

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